Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Yellow-billed Cuckoo in El Dorado County

On June 30th Bill Wade reported to the CVBirds list that a YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO had been brought to a local bird rehabilitator in Shingle Springs (El Dorado County). He had also solicited the assistance of a photographer to document this occurrence as it is a fairly remarkable record being away from known breeding sites in the Central Valley. I responded and the next morning, July 1st, Nancy the bird rehab lady called and we set up a time for me to stop by.

The bird apparently flew into a neighbor's window and was then caught by a cat which accounts for the missing tail. I would like to thank Nancy for her warm hospitality and tour of the "facility". She was also working with several orphans including 3 sibling Pacific Slope Flycatchers, Black Phoebes, House Wrens, Killdeer, and Anna's Hummingbirds, as well as Acorn and Nuttall's Woodpeckers, Western Bluebirds, and Western Tanagers.

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Claire said...

YB Cuckoos are supposed to be here in California, in riparian habitat. I think it's the loss of the habitat that makes them so rare - SO! That makes that sick little Cuckoo all the more valuable. It's a cutie! : )